Welcome to Matsqui Flyball & Agility Club

Located in the city of Abbotsford in BC’s beautiful Fraser Valley, the Matsqui Flyball & Agility Club (MFAC) has been going strong since the early 1990’s. As a non-profit dog sport organization comprised of volunteers, our club was incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia on November 2, 1990.

We hosted our first Flyball tournament in May 1991. The first weekend of May has been known as “Matsqui’s Tourney” ever since. Our club joined the Agility Dog Association of Canada (ADAC), which was later replaced by the Agility Assocation of Canada (AAC). We hosted the second annual Agility Nationals for ADAC on September 8th and 9th, 1992. This was the first titling event held in Western Canada. There were entries from Northern BC, Calgary, Spokane, Seattle, and Texas. We continue to host an Agility trial the weekend after the September long weekend every year.

Throughout each year, we put on demonstrations of our sports at a variety of local events such as Mission’s Canada Day Celebrations and the Abbotsford Agrifair Horse and Hounds Show where we showcase our skills and answer questions people may have about our dogs or the sports we participate in. Take a look at our photo galleries for pictures from some of our events.

We currently offer Flyball & Agility lessons several times a year, if you are interested please see our Training page. You can let us know if you would like to try one or both sports by filling in & submitting our on-line form. We believe in teamwork and helping each other improve our handling skills in both sports.

Our club welcomes all dogs who have basic obedience skills (sit, stay, come, etc.), whether purebred or mixed breed (aka “All Canadian”) to help exercise both their bodies and minds, not to mention those of their handlers. We also accept Junior Handlers for lessons (which are children up to and including seventeen (17) years of age).

Spectators and volunteers are always welcome at all of our events.

MFAC is back!

Hi everyone,


Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club is back practicing on Monday nights and planning to start lessons for September for both Flyball and Agility. Please check our training page and submit a lesson inquiry if you are interested. Dates for club practices are now updated on the calendar.

MFAC Covid 19 Update

Unfortunately, due to COVID -19, MFAC is unable to offer training or practices. Please follow us on Facebook or check back here for future updates and opportunities.

In Memory of Diamond

It is with great sadness MFAC says goodbye to Diamond one of our most active and enthusiastic team members after a brave battle with cancer on April 29. He had been a member of the club for 8 years. Diamond participated in Agility and Flyball as well as 4H and Dock Diving with his handlers Lacy and Shanelle. He had 8 titles in Agility including 4th in Junior Nationals and 8th in AAC Nationals and was a Flyball Master dog with 5000 points.  He was a very recognizable dog in all his sports as he barked excitedly on every agility course to express his excitement and joy. But Diamond also knew how to enjoy the good things in life and got in a cozy nap in Shanelle’s arms, a swim, or a ride on Shanelle’s kayak whenever possible. He loved spending time with his family including Shanelle, Lacy, and Brennon. Diamond will be greatly missed.

In Memory of Frankie

Today, MFAC remembers our dear friend and teammate Frankie. Frankie was the ultimate dog role model, especially to his fellow standard poodles. The way he charged every obstacle and the joy he showed when he reached the top of the A-Frame was amazing to watch and everyone was greatly impressed when Frankie would sit on command from across the barn and in the stands. Frankie spent much of his time at Agility practice helping Novice and Nervous dogs learn good manners and improve their proximity due to his steady focus and the dedication of his handler Marty. He was truly special and will be dearly missed.

In Memory of Shadow and Shayu

Over the past few months MFAC said good-bye to two of our most prolific Flyball team members. Shadow was a Flyball Grand Champion and passed this June after almost 18 years as a faithful and loving team mate to Bev Taylor, our Flyball coordinator. Sadly, Shadow’s sister Shayu also passed this Fall. Shayu loved Flyball. She was very flexible and helped to train many a green dog. She also reached 80,000 points and Flyball Grand Champion status earlier this year. These dogs will be sadly missed by MFAC but never forgotten.


MFAC Agility Training Starting March 11th

If you are interested in joining MFAC for our training sessions this spring please head to our Training page.

A note for MFAC members:

Due to upcoming lessons the schedule for Club nights has changed. See below for details. Please note that volunteers are needed throughout the night for set-up, take-down and instruction.

6:30-7 PM Set up
7-7:40 PM Foundations lessons
8-8:40 PM Beginner Lessons and club practice
9 PM Club time and take down of equipment