In Memory of Diamond

It is with great sadness MFAC says goodbye to Diamond one of our most active and enthusiastic team members after a brave battle with cancer on April 29. He had been a member of the club for 8 years. Diamond participated in Agility and Flyball as well as 4H and Dock Diving with his handlers Lacy and Shanelle. He had 8 titles in Agility including 4th in Junior Nationals and 8th in AAC Nationals and was a Flyball Master dog with 5000 points.  He was a very recognizable dog in all his sports as he barked excitedly on every agility course to express his excitement and joy. But Diamond also knew how to enjoy the good things in life and got in a cozy nap in Shanelle’s arms, a swim, or a ride on Shanelle’s kayak whenever possible. He loved spending time with his family including Shanelle, Lacy, and Brennon. Diamond will be greatly missed.

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