Flyball Lessons

  • Flyball is a fast paced, high energy sport for both dogs and their owners. This class will introduce you and your dog to the beginning flyball skills including building blocks for a box turn, retrieve, and a fast recall.
  • Flyball happens in a busy environment so your dog will get the foundations to work around distractions and to develop a solid recall with other moving dogs nearby.
  • Dogs must be able to work around other dogs. Dogs may not show aggression to other dogs or people.

Please note: Flyball training for rookie dogs is currently on-going.

Agility Lessons

  • Agility lessons teach your dog how to do the different pieces of equipment safely and with speed and how to focus on you while running.
  • The lessons teach you how to motivate and control your dog on and between each obstacle. At more advanced levels the training focuses on your handling skills, teaching you how to get the best performance from your dog.
  • Matsqui Flyball & Agility Club uses positive training methods, with lots of praise and rewards for the dog. The instructor does not teach your dog, but shows you how to be the teacher.

What is Agility?

Please note: Agility lessons will begin in Spring 2019. Check on our Facebook page or check back here for more information on Registration dates and times.

Training Inquiry

We are currently experiencing a large wait list for training in both sports (in excess of 40 dogs). To get your dog started prior to coming for training please work on your dog’s focus on you along with basic obedience – sit, stay & come. Thank you for your patience.

If you are interested in the training program that the Matsqui Flyball & Agility Club (MFAC) offers, please complete and submit the Training Inquiry form below. Our Flyball and/or Agility Co-ordinators will contact you upon receipt.

  • Minimum dog age required to participate, check prior to submitting form.
  • Applicants should be aware that vaccinations are recommended by MFAC.
  • Dogs must be able to ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and come when called.
  • Please keep your dogs on leash and under control at all times and tell us if your dog has issues with other dogs or people.
  • If you have an aggresive dog, we ask that you seek assistance from a trainer that specializes in behaviour training prior to registration.
  • Prior to any training, we encourage all attendees to review our club’s Rules of Conduct in order to foster a positive training experience for all participants.